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Submission Deadline: April 5, 2024 
Notification of Acceptance : April 15, 2024

Abstracts are invited from students and recent graduates in all areas of biomechanics research. 

We would like to emphasize that this is a student conference. Presentations should be by undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdocs. 

Please follow the template provided and submit all abstracts as an PDF file. 

Abstract submissions are now open until April 5.

Poster Instructions

Poster session times to be determined. Poster presenters are expected to be at submitted poster for duration of session.

Poster Instructions

Poster Dimensions: Posters should be 3 ft. in height x 4 ft. in width.

This year’s podium presentations will be 8 minutes in length, followed by 2-3 minutes of questions.


Podium Instructions

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